Comics about working for a shellfish company. Loosely existing in the realm of counterculture comics from generations past, Bivalve Blues captures a very Pacific Northwest, very Olympia brand of soggy grumpiness.

16 pages, half-letter size.

The second part of Olympia comic artist and screenprinter K.J. Rollins' Bivalve Blues series. Shellfish headaches, brokedown boats, and a lot of getting rained on.

16 pages, half-letter size.

A short lyric essay about facts, Texas, old friends, Olympia. Done up nicely in an old-school cut-and-paste collage style.

12 pages, half-letter size.

A fantastic new issue of Alyssa Giannini's Wanderer zine. Within: new adventures in sobriety, attachment styles, the prevalence of men as DIY music gatekeepers, EMDR, the search for sober recklessness, and taking over the long-running DoDIY resource site. A great read!

The zine also comes with its own playlist. 24 pages, half-letter size. Cardstock covers, thread-bound.