John Porcellino

John Porcellino's King-Cat Comics is an absolute feel-good joy. And King-Cat has been such a joy for over 30 years now. (How we waited this long to pick it up is a mystery, and we apologize.) In issue 79 there are science club comics, night poem comics, cub scout comics, record store memories from the 1980s, a really sweet road trip comic, and a really special one about discovering zines for the first time.

Also: a comic from Gabrielle Bell, letters (and drawings) to the editor from David Lasky and Chester Brown, a top forty, so much more.

36 pages, half-letter size.

Mothballs at Grandma's house, lots of great cat and dog comics, the illustrated monarch butterfly life-cycle, shrews through history, letters to the editors from Megan Kelso and more, a Top 40, and so many interesting surprises.

40 pages, half-letter size.

Holy cow, it's the 80th issue of King-Cat Comics and Stories! John Porcellino's comics are the sweetest and are, at this moment, the perfect way to let your mind go to a place outside the news cycle.

Within: courthouse weddings, dog adoptions, bird watching, nature notes, a dream list, a dog and cat toy inventory, and so much more. 

40 pages, half-letter size.