Just Added

"Stay weird. Your fellow weirdos will find you." Another letterpressed reminder from Hope Amico.

4" x 5" card.

Three adorable Antiquated Future stickers from illustrator Rachel Lee-Carman. Containing three different bookshelves of miniature joys.

2.75" x 2.75", vinyl-coated. Pack includes one color sticker, two B&W. 

Two curious and haunting postcards made in combination with Spencer Moody's chapbook Lanai. Cards contain a download code.

18 poems for sitting on an imagined lanai. A lanai that poet (and Murder City Devils frontman) Spencer Moody does not have. 

Illustrations by Mocha Ishibashi. 32 pages, cut quarter-size.

Tell your friends they have the prettiest art.

4" x 5.5", glossy finish.

The feelings that feel like public restrooms. 

4" x 5.5", glossy finish.

Last copy! A resissue of the first issue of Short/Wave, a zine about shortwave and pirate radio that kicked off a series of zines about weirdo radio and underappreciated sound explorations (SignalsPaper RadioTin Can Telephone). Short/Wave is a great primer to a cool and largely forgotten subculture.

20 pages, half-letter size.

5 new zines from our catalog and beyond, of various shapes and sizes. A fun grab bag of surprises. All for $10. 

A long-time favorite on our Etsy page and an affordable way to get your zine collection started!

Giving the key to your heart to your favorite zine friend. 

5" x 5", silkscreened on various fabrics.

A to-do list for your zine errands. Each page has various tidbits a the bottom, such as Zine Trivia, Zinester Challenges, and Zine Quote of the Day. A great gift for that zinester that you love.

44 pages, 3.5" x 8.5".