Various Artists , Billy McCall
Behind the Zines #17: A Zine About Zines
$ 5.00

Under the loose, unintentional theme of "zine libraries," this issue of Behind the Zines is another great dive into zine culture past, present, and future.

Some highlights: Carolee Wheeler gives a primer to the wild and fabled Prelinger Library in San Francisco. Billy interviews nonfiction comic-zine creators (and AF faves) Audra McNamee and Allia Service of the NED series. And Sharaya O (of Word of the Day) writes about her decision to write and publish her Self Harm zine.

Plus great pieces from: Anna Gecko, Heather Andhercats (Mushrooms Are Ama-Zine), Andrew Oh (Day and Age), Matt Bormet (People's Book), Todd Taylor (Razorcake), Ed Tillman (QRK5), SM Piotrowski (Moonshot), and Jesse Cole.

40 pages, half-letter size. Limited-edition, hand-numbered, linocut covers (by Dave Hankins) in a wide variety of colors.

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