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Rachel Lee-Carman

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Drawing by Rachel Lee-Carman, designed by Chask'e Lindgren. Printed by Portland's own Treehouse Stickers.

An adorable, anatomically correct, postcard from Rachel Lee-Carman. No Valentine's Day hearts here. With a Magnetic Fields line prominently displayed. Address and stamp lines on the reverse side.

Bikes and tree climbing and hiding, all in one postcard. Hand-colored. Address and stamp lines on the reverse side.

Mix well (always). Address and stamp lines on the reverse side.

Perfect Love Comes Softly If At All. Words by Moby, art by our own Rachel Lee-Carman. Address and stamp lines on the reverse side.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about the artist currently known as Prince. Looking into fame culture, gender, and sexuality while still having fun along the way.

The Symbol, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Michael Jackson, parental advisory, Wendy & Lisa, protégés, movies, power, the early years, The Revolution, The New Power Generation, fun facts galore, and an epic discography. Illustrations throughout by cartoonist Rachel Lee-Carman...[ continued ]

In the-zine-formerly-known-as-Show & Tell, Rachel Lee-Carman tells so many stories (all at once). Within a form that mixes comics, collage, photographs, and typewriter text into beautiful chaos, the stories take a path of introspection that combines the madness and the fun of the layout. Heaviness and light, sadness and celebration, medicinal herbs and tall cans of beer.

40 pages, half-letter size, black & white interior, hand-painted covers...[ continued ]

“Who am I when no one is watching?” author Rachel Lee-Carman asks herself at one point in Show & Tell #8. For her, this issue is the spirituality issue. It’s trying on different shoes and seeing if they fit. It’s connecting to nature, meditating on home, people living together, loneliness, fairness, day to day folk art, magic, fire. In this way, it’s so beyond anything she’s done before...[ continued ]

This issue deals with the ephemeral. In a way that relates to nature, is grounded, feels good (like Autumn). A non-demoninational prayer, a continuing search for spirituality in the here and now, ceremony in climbing trees and getting on rooftops. Half-letter size, 36 pages.

Filled with comics, sketches, photos, and words words words, this issue of Show & Tell is a passionate adventure into the bursting joy and tragic sadness of life on earth. Meeting somewhere between daily comics and an eco-spirituality book, Rachel’s work is something unique--desperation and cuteness in equal measure. Inspiring and thought-provoking. 36 pages, half-letter size.

[ continued ]