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Eleanor Murray

The cassette version of her great new album, released on CJ Boyd's Obsolete Media Objects labels. Also available on LP and CD. 

Listen on her website. 

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Recorded in a renovated church during a windstorm, with members of Mount Eerie serving as her backing band, Bury Me Into the Mtn is an album that stops you in your tracks. From the big backing vocals of the album’s opener to its methodically sparse closing track, she creates a musical narrative that doesn’t release its listener until the whole tale has been told. An album that's completely unique while also being totally accessible...[ continued ]

The LP of her great new album, released on Olympia's Anonymous Monk Records. Also available on CD and cassette. 

Listen on her website. 

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The first album from Eleanor Murray. Powerful, undeniable folk music without boundaries. With music contributions from Olympia all-stars like Pamela Margon (Tattered Dress) and Austin Cooper (Kendl Winter & The Summer Gold). Produced by Ben Kamen and released on Anonymous Monk Records.

Eleanor Murray- Today

The EP follow-up to 2008’s For Cedar finds Eleanor exploring different territories…in fact, in pretty much every song. From the sparse folk she’s known for to some pretty out there experimentation, an epic, and areas in between. Some of her best songs live on this often overlooked piece of her catalog. Produced by Ben Hargett (K Records).

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Eleanor Murray- Little Warrior

A finally crafted thing indeed. A more mature songwriting that I can’t help but liken to Joni Mitchell, in the way the songs have moments of darkness and dischord that resolve so gracefully and how the songs are so catchy but never dumbed down. Some songs lush and bright, some songs rocking and aggressive. An album that is sure to make her fanbase grow across the lands.

Eleanor Murray- Street To Ride

Reimagining the Oh Thunder album and turning it into something a little different--more raw, rocking, dark. Some surprising alterations and new ideas come to the surface. Recorded by Peter Keller-Abdelnour of Kusikia. With Pamela Margon (Tattered Dress), Joshua James Amberson (Letters), and Pat Maley (Yo Yo Records founder) as the supporting cast...[ continued ]