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DJ Frederick

A short story about starting a short-lived bookstore. A lifelong relationship with books told in the span of a few pages.

12 pages, half-letter size.

"I became a folk poet and lit zine editor due to a chance encounter at a supermarket." A short piece about temporary success and temporary failure and finding out who your friends are.

12 pages, half-letter size.

A short zine about decades spent working in the mental health field. Written with tenderness towards all the people he works with and highly critical of the system itself, this is an insightful and impassioned zine from prolific zinester Dj Frederick. 12 pages, half-letter size (plus a mini-zine within!).

The story of living in a haunted house with a dead pony in the barn and an upstairs full of dog poop before moving into a cabin off-the-grid and moving out right before the first snow. An oddly sweet personal story from long ago by the ever-prolific DJ Frederick. 12 pages, half-letter size.

Last one! Woah. An amazing bag of goodies from zine/radio enthusiasts, DJ Frederick and NanSea Griggs. Within: a mini edition of Paper Radio, a paper radio model, a reproduced paper toy from 1921, a homemade CD-R of shortwave and pirate radio transmissions (each one with different content!), a mini fiction zine, and a postcard or two...[ continued ]

Dj Fred muses on the state of radio in 2012; some thoughts from radio listeners; Occupy Shortwave; Amateur Radio Hurricane Watch Network saves lives; an interview with Gabriel Syme from The Voice of Next Thursday; an awesome feature on John Peel by Pete Polanyk; and more. 24 pages, half-letter size.

A selection of articles from out of print issues of Paper Radio, plus new pieces on media and radio culture. Highlight: the history of wrist-watch radios. 32 pages, half-legal size.

[ continued ]

A revised second edition! Best feature in this issue: a piece on the Victorian Internet. Totally fascinating. Pirate radio, shortwave radio, amateur radio and letterpress (awesome!), 20 college stations to listen to, an interview with Alan Maxwell of KIPM, and more. 28 pages, half letter-size.

A revised second edition of the most eclectic  issue of Paper Radio yet! The first broadcast from a train, Space Pirate Radio, radio hero Robert J. Lurtsema, Taylor Swift satire, interview with NH radio legend Ed Brouder (author of Granite & Ether), interview with Darian from Edible Onion, and more. 28 pages, half-letter size.

A great issue of Paper Radio! Within: FCC shutdown of Radio Ronin; BBC Radio past and future; Radio Moscow history; Radio Romania today, a printer's recollections of the songs of his youth from the 40s, 50s, and 60s; Radio Antarctica; and 50 years of Doctor Who. 24 pages, half-letter size, cardstock covers.

[ continued ]