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Craven Rock

Last one! In this issue, Craven reports from the homefront- driving a cab for a yuppie golf tournament when the economy starts to crash, trying to get into a high-paying drug study, hurricanes hitting, the Shit Lottery, and more. The first in his series Promise & Theft, which looks at the current state of the America and the American Dream.

40 Pages, half-letter size, cardstock covers...[ continued ]

Nights and Days in a Dark Carnival is the first book to deeply examine the world of the Juggalos—the clown-painted subculture that has over the past 20 years has swept across North America and grown large enough to be designated a gang by the FBI.

In the tradition of writers like Hunter S. Thompson and Jon Ronson, Craven Rock spends a debaucherous week as an undercover journalist at The Gathering of the Juggalos, the group's yearly summer festival...[ continued ]

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