Liz Mason
Caboose #14: My Canadian Boyfriend
$ 12.00

This book-length issue of Liz Mason's glorious Caboose zine series is focused on her childhood infatuation with '80s teen idol Corey Hart. It doesn't matter if the spiky-haired "Sunglasses at Night" singer is familiar to you or not, since Liz makes her fandom into a case study for all fandom. She takes a deep-dive into parasocial relationships, pre-teen brain development, the pop culture landscape of the 1980s, and so much more.

PLUS, this issue is adorned with photos from the Liz Mason Museum of Corey Hart Ephemera, fan-club exclusives, and hilarious excerpts from '80s teen magazines. It's a ride unlike any other!

130 pages, perfect-bound trade paperback. Includes a QR code with supplemental playlists, videos, and bonus material. 

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