Various Artists , Liz Yerby
Dolly Pardon: A Short, Tangential, Unauthorized Dolly Parton Biography in Comics
$ 10.00

Dolly Pardon is a truly great deep-dive into the life and work of Dolly Parton. Over a dozen comic artists tell different biographical stories from Dolly's life and look at her work from a variety of perspectives. With peeks into her music, her movies, her activism, her style, her television appearances, her business deals, and various fascinating histories (Dolly the Sheep, the real-life brothel that inspired The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, her stylists and creative directors over the years), this is a must-have for any Dolly fan (be you casual or obsessive). 

Includes work by: BB Andersson, Caroline Cash, Eileen Chavez, Alecia Gatlin, Kathleen Gros, Avery Jepsen-Minyard, Elodie Kahler, Emily Lewis, Emily Nilsson, Never Angeline North, Samantha Szabo, Morgan Thomas, Amie Wilensky, and Liz Yerby.

52 pages, half-letter size.

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