Various Artists , Billy McCall
Behind the Zines #16: A Zine About Zines
$ 4.00

The "Zines Saved My Life" issue of Behind the Zines (everyone's favorite twice-a-year zine about zines and zine culture) has some supremely tender and beautiful moments. Take, for example, this excerpt from editor Billy McCall's introduction: "But I keep coming back to [zines]. They are my favorite type of art to consume, my favorite type of art to make. My favorite way to express myself. The thing I think about when I first wake up...So, yeah. Zines saved my life. All of our lives. In one way or another."

That's followed by words from this star-studded line-up: Krystle Ratticus (Ornery Cuss), Juli Jump Rope, Larry Wolf, Todd Taylor (Razorcake), Steven Fraser, Michael Verdi, Jordan Sea, John Dishwasher (The Zinester Manifesto), Ed Kemp (Pencil of the Week), Michael T. Fournier (Policymaker), and Ayun Halliday (The East Village Inky).

Cover by the one-and-only Alex Wrekk!

40 pages, half-letter size. 

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