Erica Freas

The solo debut from Erica Freas (Cosmit, RVIVR, SOMNIA). Folk anthems to play over and over. Songs that empower. Paying tribute to family, animals, the earth, life and death and everything in between.

10 songs, beautifully printed covers and inserts. Released on Rumbletowne Records.

Listen on Bandcamp.

Erica Freas- The Sound

Whether writing folk songs or punk songs, Erica Freas' songs reach out a hand. They're inviting, accessible, wise. With a cast of Olympia all-stars on board, Patient Ones is a record to be played again and again.

Available on LP and CD. Released on Don Giovanni Records. Listen on Bandcamp.

Erica Freas' latest, Young, is made up of 12 well-worked folk songs about being a human on earth. It's an album that feels like being transported to the room where it was recorded. Intimate, sweet, alive.

Available on LP and CD. Released on Specialist Subject Records. Listen on Bandcamp.