Appalachian Yard Art

Noisy and beautiful psych-folk from Seattle. Gloriously hypnotizing. A masterpiece.

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Appalachian Yard Art- From Here to There is Further Than There to Here

Last copy! Seattle noise-folk weirdos Appalachian Yard Art nod to early Sentridoh, generations of psych-folk, moments of Natural Snow Buildings. Melding their psych-folk and garage rock sides together effortlessly.

On clear cassettes. Comes with digital download. Listen on Bandcamp.

Appalachian Yard Art- Gavin

Seattle's Appalachian Yard Art has been building an impressive catalog of lo-fi psych folk oddities over the last few years. Fussy is their most concise and unified effort so far—nine surprising, noisy, and often sublime songs. Minimalist outsider mini-epics.

Released on Antiquated Future Records. Listen on Bandcamp.

"Their fractured folk rhythms are laced with a spacey rock minimalism that underscores the band’s ability to take even the most disparate of sounds and merge them into a cohesive and fascinating string of chords and tones...Fussy presents Appalachian Yard Art as a band of uncommon resourcefulness and endless imagination." - The Tape Deck

Appalachian Yard Art- Dogwhistle

In a catalog rich with psych-folk gems, Patina is one of Appalachian Yard Art's best. Strange and playful, the album traverses a broad sonic and emotional range. Highly recommended. 

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Appalachian Yard Art- Copper

A rare full-band rock album from Seattle lo-fi heroes, Appalachian Yard Art. Little Ambulant Suns is the underwater '90s indie rock album of your dreams.

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Three new tapes from Seattle lo-fi noise-folk band Appalachian Yard Art (for only $10!). For those who love the feeling of being in someone's basement, synth guest appearances, occasional drum machines.

Within you'll find the full-length album: Frog SongsChain, and Please Throw It In The River. All released on Little Red Wagon Records.

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