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Osa Atoe, Various Artists
Shotgun Seamstress Zine Collection $18.00 back

In six issues, Shotgun Seamstress covered a lot of ground. Golnar Nikpour says it best in her introduction: "this is not (just) a personal zine, not (just) a music zine, not (just) a political zine, but rather an explosive combination of the best of all those DIY traditions."

Through essays, interviews, historical portraits of important artists and scenes, reviews, and so much more, Shotgun Seamstress paid tribute and gave a platform for, "Black feminists, artists, punks, queers, and musicians." A truly great zine, made even greater by this beautiful book collection published by Mend My Dress Press. The slightly larger trade paperback size makes it pop off your bookshelf, demanding to be read.

"Creating a separate currency for those that are not interested in replicating boring ideals in underground existences, Shotgun Seamstress is like the best mix tape anyone has ever made, where radical politics are never sidelined for an easier ride, where good times are never in doubt and where subsumed experiences are revealed as real." -Layla Gibbons of Maximum Rocknroll

234 pages, large trade paperback. ISBN # 9780985013158