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Tomas Moniz (Rad Dad creator and editor) has been doing something unprecedented of late--a serialized novella in zine form. Not your standard zine fare. It’s a story unveiled through separate first person perspectives, starring believable characters in modern day Berkeley, California, all joined together by an anarchist book club...[ continued ]

Last one! One of the best zines around finally gets the book it deserves. A best-of collection that has some amazing pieces from the first five years of Rad Dad. Well known names like Ian MacKaye, Cory Doctorow, Jeff Chang, Steve Almond are includes within, next to many other inspiring radical parents, with editor Tomas Moniz at the helm - constantly reminding the reader to get inspired by life and to see how we teach and treat children as a radical act...[ continued ]

Marked down due to slight shelf wear! Collecting the first ten issues of Rad Dad in book form. Editor Tomas Moniz says in the introduction that: “Looking at the first ten issues of Rad Dad is kinda like remembering those cute adorable toddler years of your child: precocious, ridiculous, earnest, and so fucking beautiful. They remind me of good times, of an innocence and a playfulness that continue on in the kids we raise as well as the projects we do, but too often become overshadowed by so many other aspects of growing up, maturing...[ continued ]

The final six installments of Tomas Moniz (editor of Rad Dad) 's serialized novella about “five characters who are all part of an anarchist study group that meets once a month, and how their lives intertwine with each other and the books they read.”

Believable characters, unveiled through their separate first person perspectives, all joined together by the books they read...[ continued ]

Sex-positive parenting, pre-parent thoughts, a father and daughter facing off (in essay form), and much more. Cover art by Thi Bui.

42 pages, half-letter size, color covers.

An exploration of the body, one part at a time, by Tomas Moniz. Written as poems, but reading more like vignettes or small essays about how complicated it is just to exist in your own frame. These pieces are sweet, heavy, sexy, and sometimes really funny. They are so honest that it leaves you wishing for that same openness in yourself, to be so unashamed of what we carry around and what we desire...[ continued ]

With a deep well of humanity beneath it and a propelling force behind it, Bellies and Buffalos takes you on a ride and drops you off feeling healed from the journey. It is sweet and funny and in no way pretentious. With characters so visceral, you’ll set the book down and feel like you’ve touched each of their bellies.

From the unstoppable Tomas Moniz ([ continued ]

From the long-running, and award-winning, zine comes the first issue of its new magazine format! Approaching parenting from a wide variety of perspectives, these are a series of beautiful, informative, touching, and hilarious essays about the many ways parenting can look.

Redefining gender roles, looking at the juvenile justice system, slut-shaming on the playground, an interview with Ian Mackaye (The Evens, Minor Threat, Fugazi), and much more...[ continued ]

Tomas Moniz is an expert at being hilarious, tragic, sexy, and profound in a single bound, a single sentence. The poetry and poetic prose in Dirty has so many lines that should be read aloud, lines that should start conversations, lines that should make us want to write our own lines. This is a zine to be read over and over again. Highly recommended.

20 pages, quarter-size. Cover colors vary...[ continued ]

From Portland writer and Bitch Magazine online editor Sarah Mirk comes the best guide to relationships ever. It's a relationship self-help book that actually presents staying single, never getting married, breaking up, and never having kids as viable options. It's bold, open to possibilities, and an absolute joy to read.

Featuring great interviews with Betty Dodson, Wendy-O Matik, Michelle Tea, Tomas Moniz, Tracy Clark-Flory, Andi Zeisler, Stu Rasmussen, Aya de Leon, Tristan Taormino, and Erika Moen...[ continued ]