Dave Hankins
Yellow House
$ 4.00

Last copy! Yellow House is all about Vincent van Gogh's yellow house—a house in Arles, France that he lived in toward the end of his life and envisioned as one day becoming a space for artists to gather and work together. The zine is about the house itself, the paintings van Gogh made while living there, and the theories surrounding the artist's love of yellow.

It's also about writer Dave Hankins' love of van Gogh and the way the painter's work changed his life. After his ninth grade English teacher showed the class Starry Night one day, "I went straight to the library and checked out every book they had about Vincent van Gogh. The feeling and fascination sparked in me that day has never gone away," Hankins writes. "I've thought about Vincent every single day since that day in English class." 

24 pages, quarter-size, full-color yellow cover, B&W interior on yellow paper.

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