Moe Bowstern , Various Artists
Xtra Tuf #3: The Beach Seiner Issue $ 6.00 back

Another zine classic from Portland's own Moe Bowstern. In the third issue of Xtra Tuf (the zine all about the world of commercial fishing in Alaska) Moe tries out the old ways. Instead of dealing with the drama on the boats, she joins some friends on beach and hauls nets by hand. What follows is an entertaining peek into a world most people don't get to see.

Xtra Tuf #3 is also a zine epic to top all zine epics. Alongside Moe's story, we get a wealth of how to guides, the saga of an Alaskan village, a song, a bear story, book reviews, drawings, photos, comics, a glossary, and a lot more.

Gorgeous letterpressed covers. 84 pages, half-legal size, cover colors vary. Free to commercial fishing women.

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