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Madeleine Campbell , Maggie Negrete
Women in Sound #2 $ 5.00 back

This issue of Women in Sound zine looks at how place affects the creative process and the idea of "space, and feeling empowered to occupy it." They interview members of The Julie Ruin, Qualiatik, and Eartheater. They talk to engineers, luthiers, and ask Katy Otto of Exotic Fever Records how to start a label.

There's a tribute to Vi Subversa of Poison Girls, a number of original scores from sound artist Becky Grajeda, and a great how-to guide called "What's What in the Studio?"

The issue is also a benefit for Decarcerate PA, a grassroots campaign working to end mass incarceration in Pennsylvania.

58 pages, half-letter size, cover colors vary.

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