Hope Amico , Various Artists
Where You From #1
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There are a lot of things I love about this little zine. Its subject, for one (hometowns!). But also its wonderful nostalgia, its sadness, its subtle beauty. I also love that most the authors seem to be in their early to mid-30's and have this tempered idealism. Many are coming home or pining for home, or wanting to find home, or wishing they'd got out and it's so beautiful and tragic, all at once.

A few of the places included within: Hudson, New Hampshire; Miami, Florida; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; New Orleans; and Everett, Washington. Jen Nunes' piece on New Platz, New York is beautiful—real life stories as metaphysical prose poetry and worth the price of the zine right there.

64 pages, quarter-size. Letterpressed covers, rubberband binding. Cover colors vary.

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