Alyssa Giannini
Wanderer, Issue #5: A Perzine About Home, Mental Health, Self Care & DIY Music
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Another great issue of Alyssa Giannini's gorgeously illustrated personal zine, Wanderer. Within: road trips, house shows, gender identity, zine mazes, and odes to initiators of fun. As well as finding ways through depression and panic attacks and hard times.

My favorite piece is on platonic intimacy. Alyssa writes, "Friendship is so often undervalued in favor of romantic coupling. I say let's share longer hugs and learn to be vulnerable with friends and not just lovers. I resolve to shower my friends with love and affirmations at every available opportunity; be vulnerable and invite vulnerability. I just want everyone to know they're not alone in this big, messy world." 

The zine even has its own playlist. 24 pages, half-letter size. Cardstock covers, thread-bound.

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