Luke Geddes
TV Grime: A Guide to Halloween TV
$ 16.00

The most common response to TV Grime is: Wow. Even a casual flip through its pages shows the absurd depth of the project and the jaw-dropping information overload it contains.

In short: Author Luke Geddes (Heart of Junk) reviews hundreds of Halloween-themed television episodes, largely from memory, and it's a hilarious joy. TV Grime is also a time capsule of monoculture programming, a plunge into the complexity of nostalgia, and an eerily familiar ride for anyone raised by television.

Includes comic art by Beth Heinly, John Sammis, Ollie Goodboy, and Andy Wieland.

116 pages, cut half-letter size. Color cover on pumpkin-skin paper, largely B&W interior pages on soft newsprint (just like the real TV Guide!) with two-dozen color interior pages on bright white TV-sheen paper.

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