Joshua James Amberson , Rachel Lee-Carman
The Prince Zine (The Revised and Updated Fourth Edition) $ 5.00 back

Everything you've ever wanted to know about Prince. Critical and reverent, The Prince Zine looks at fame culture, gender, and sexuality while still having fun along the way. 

The Symbol, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Michael Jackson, parental advisory, Wendy & Lisa, protégés, movies, power, the early years, The Revolution, The New Power Generation, fun facts galore, and an epic discography. Illustrations throughout by Rachel Lee-Carman (Shoe & TailOfferings of Mischief and Grace).

60 pages, half-letter size, thick cardstock covers with purple ink. 

The first edition made Bitch Magazine's Bitch List, was named one of Three Imaginary Girls' Best Zines of 2012, and has been a bestseller at independent bookstores around the country.

The revised fourth edition updates the zine through October, 2016.

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