Joseph Carlough , Various Artists
Sun: A Collection of Vignettes About the Sun $ 2.00 back

Vignettes about the sun that span an impressive range. Nonfiction, fiction, myth, and things in between. How freckles age, a sellout friends' band, the sun's true size, the time it takes for the sun's light to reach earth, and so much more.

With words from: A.J. Michel (Syndicate Product), Amanda Brennan, Arthur Bruso, David Costill, Elly Blue, Jackie Yaeger, Jarod Roselló, Joe Biel, Jonah Matranga, Joseph Carlough, Justin Davis, Katie Haegele. Kenan Rubenstein, Kerri Radley (Deafula), Raymond E. Mingst, and Sean O’Connor.

24 pages, cut quarter-size.

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