As always, let us start with a highlight (among the many great interviews this issue of Women in Sound has to offer): music writer Jes Skolnik (senior editor at Bandcamp Daily) goes deep on being a writer from a young age, the world of music journalism, what it's like to be an editor, and writing about music as a musician with a deep desire to write about music. Highly recommended reading.

Also, interviews with Katie Lau (of Painted Zeros), Danielle DePalma (Bowery Ballroom), and Aisha Loe (pedal and soundbox builder at Loe Sounds).

This issue also has a wealth of essay and how-to pieces: "On Optimism, the Music Industry and Avoiding Megalithic Thinking" by René Kladzyk, "Creating Inclusive Environments for Transgender and Non-Binary Vocalists" by Ellie Karavas, and "Chasing Waterfalls, Make Up of a Mixer, part 2" by Jade Payne. Plus a really handy DIY recording comic. 

64 pages, half-letter size.

Women in Sound, the zine dedicated to women and non-binary people in all areas of live and recorded sound, is one of our favorite zines around. Always packed with interviews and insight, each issue is a delight. 

The highlight this time: CAROL KAYE, the 85-year-old bassist and the backbone behind some of rock and soul's biggest hits. She tells stories of recording with everyone from Sam Cooke to Phil Spector, Barbara Streisand to Ray Charles, and it's an absolute joy to read.

Plus interviews with Shamir, Sadie Dupuis (of Speedy Ortiz), jazz composer Nicole Mitchell, studio engineer Gloria Kaba, film audio engineer and editor Annlie Huang, and sound artist and instrument maker Victoria Shen (Evicshen). Plus a great "Getting Your Music Mastered: A Beginner’s Guide" how-to section!

64 pages, half-letter size.

A Zine-Zine Proposition takes a trash bargain-bin romance novel and reconstructs a loose story using only its most ridiculous sentences. A fun, hilarious, and nonsensical read.

12 pages, half-letter size.