Free Zine Care Packages
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Note: after four years (March 2020-May 2024), we wrapped up this project. In that time, we sent over a thousand free zines. Thanks for understanding our desire to end this after such a long stretch.

We're offering free zine packs to those who are struggling financially or emotionally. Given the state of things, it's not much. But hopefully it can be a bright spot to help get you through.

We won't ask what you're dealing with and you don't need to provide any details. We just ask you to be polite and recognize that we're always scraping by ourselves (as a business, as people).

Simply contact us and say "hey, I'd love a zine care package," list some subjects you're interested in, provide your mailing address, and we'll send something your way.

We started offering these at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, imagining they would be a limited-time affair, but since the world hasn't gotten a whole lot easier or kinder we have extended the care packages.

Note that we don't offer care packages multiple times to a single person. Also note that, due to postage costs and our own precarious financial situation, we can only offer this to folks in the U.S. 

[If you'd like to donate zines or funds toward the work we do, we'd love that! Please see the bottom of our FAQs page for more info.]