Billy McCall , Various Artists
Behind the Zines #9: A Zine About Zines
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Now available only in a back issue 8-packThe latest issue of newest best zine about zines around. Within: the evolution of DIY comics culture, zine-fest history, imagined zines, One Punk's Guide to collaborative zines, a history of that one Crimethinc poster, The Most Unwanted Zine, confessions of a sex-zine zinester, an interview with the Dear Diary Zine Fest, and more.

Pieces from some of our favorite folks: our very own Gina Sarti (DRIVEL), John Porcellino (King Cat), Todd Taylor (Razorcake), Liz Mason (Caboose), Ed Kemp (I Fucking Love This Album), Frederick Moe (Tin Can Telephone), and many many more.

44 pages, half-letter size.

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