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Dustin Krcatovich , Various Artists
Antsy Magazine #1 $ 8.00 back

Part music magazine, part art zine, and part literary journal, Antsy is a notably pleasurable combination of things brought to you by a star-studded cast. Within: editor Dustin Krcatovich interviews street-performer legend The Space Lady and experimental filmmaker Ben Russell. Pop songwriting genius Fred Thomas interviews ambient musician Dominic Coppola. Forest Juziuk brings us into the making of the classic surf-rock novelty record The Ventures in Space. Nobody (fka Willis Earl Beal) writes about the wearing and removing of masks.

There's also a report from Fargo's noise music scene, a play by Anna Vitale, sci-fi poetry from James Victor Yeary, and drawings by Ash Wyatt. 

Released by Impermanent Projects in Portland, Oregon. 44 pages, half-letter size, perfect-bound.

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