Rhea Melina
a place to put things
$ 10.00

Poet Rhea Melina's work holds a special place in our heart. In the mid-2000s, her fusion of performance-poet style and page-poet aesthetics blew our minds. Her latest, a place to put things, pushes unflinchingly into life's difficult places. The chapbook shows how in memory and in the body, time is elastic, the past and the present constantly fusing and overlapping, challenging us again and again. "To save ourselves," she writes, "We must redefine beauty."

"Reflecting on mixed-race identity, heartbreak and trauma, a place to put things explores the lessons our wounds can teach us. Touching on challenging subjects, such as childhood bullying, racism, domestic violence and sexual assault, these poems ask questions about society, beauty and love. In the face of unyielding adversity, a story of resilience surfaces." - Bottlecap Press

28 pages, cut half-letter size. Released as part of Bottlecap Press' "Bottlecap Features" series.

Note: due to the printing technique, color covers will show some light distress. 

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