Paper Goods

Greetings From Here. A letterpressed postcard.

4" x 5". On 100# stock, recycled, French paper, with two colors.

Don't forget about your mom.

4" x 5" letterpressed card.

The feeling of home. Perfect for all wanderers. From letterpress artist Hope Amico. 

Part of her Keep Writing letterpressed postcard subscription series.  

Home is Where the Home is. Letterpressed card in plastic sleeve.

"Do you remember Anita Hill? I was a teenager when she testified that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her at work. He became a Supreme Court Judge anyway but it was the beginning of anti-harassment policies in the workplace. Anita Hill withstood a lot of criticism and ridicule, most of which had little or nothing to do with her testimony. Here is a reminder that her work and words are important...[ continued ]

Styled like a grade school Valentine, Corina Dross recontextualizes the classic Smiths lyrics from "Ask" to create a striking card that reminds us what our options look like.

Printed on crisp 110 lb ivory cardstock, bordered in red, with To and From on the reverse side.

An assortment of postcards from letterpress artist Hope Amico and her long-running Keep Writing postcard project.

Get yourself a pack of 5 or a pack of 10. You won't regret it.

Two curious and haunting postcards made in combination with Spencer Moody's chapbook Lanai. Cards contain a download code.

[ continued ]

In these dark times, let there be light.

4" x 5" letterpressed card.

Please do.

4" x 5.5", glossy finish, postcard lines on reverse side.