Crawdad Cleveland
2013 Famous Faces Wall Calendar
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$ 5.00

A nice, mid-sized wall calendar with paintings of famous faces from a bygone era of music. Featuring early rock n' roll, soul, and country legends such as: The Supremes, Buddy Holly, Tammy Wynette, The Foster Twins, Ronnie Spector, Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers, Link Wray, The Shangri-La's, The Duels, Little Esther Phillips, The Marvelettes, and Carl Perkins.

Painted by Seattle's own Crawdad Cleveland, a famous face you might know from such groups as The Curious Mystery and La Luz. Black & white, hole-punched. With major holidays, phases of the moon, and a page for notes. 14"x8.5", when unfolded. (Inside images).

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