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...Vintage Cassette Tape Grab Bag of Mirth and Delight (Curated 5-Pack)
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Our all-time best-selling cassette grab bag! 5 curated vintage cassettes from our extensive, ever-changing inventory. Hand-picked, fun, all in very good condition.

You can either pick a genre from the drop-down menu (50+ to choose from!), or our classic mixed-genre grab bag.

No broken cases, all rewound, cleaned, magnetic tape and pads checked. A great deal for the adventurous listener (+ makes a great gift!).

In the drop-down menu you can choose to have your grab bag focused on a single broad genre or era. If your desired option isn't coming up in the drop-down menu, make a note when checking out or use the Etsy version of this grab bag, which is updated daily.

-Mixed-Genre Surprise (a wide mix of genres and eras)
-'80s New Wave + Pop (synth-pop, new wavers, pop rock, new romantic, sophisti-pop, and all things '80s)
-Classic Rock (late '60s, '70s, and '80s, plus legacy artists. A nice mix of legends and forgotten figures)
-'60s/'70s Soul Music (the best music ever made. Motown, Stax, Atlantic, and more)
-'60s Rock n Roll + Pop (folk-rock,bubblegum, psych-tinged pop, Laurel Canyon sound, garage rock, early British invasion)
-'90s R&B + New Jack Swing (smooth and danceable grooves from this classic era. Albums and cassingles)
-NEW Pop Divas (the great women vocalists of '80s and '90s pop music)
-NEW Teen Pop (the '80s and '90s stars of teen dreams. Boy bands, divas-in-training, mall pop. Albums and cassingles)
'70s Soft Rock + Folk Rock (the great songwriters, mood-makers, smooth talkers, and yacht rockers of the era)
-'80s/'90s Soundtracks (campy movie and TV faves, as well as forgotten sleeper hits)
-NEW Musicals (Broadway, classic films, London cast recordings, compilations, and more)
-Funk + Disco ('70s and '80s funk, disco, jazz-funk, electro-funk)
-Early Rock n Roll + Pop (rock's origins, rhythm & blues, bubblegum)
-Doo-Wop ('50s and early '60s vocal royalty)
-Jazz (from bebop to big band, vocal jazz to post-pop, and beyond)
-Blues (legacy artists, early electric blues, and folk-blues)
-Classic Country (well-loved artists from the '50, '60s, '70s, and '80s, plus legacy artists)
-NEW Celtic Music (traditional,  fusion, folk, ambient, and pop variations)

(Note: sale tapes are not always tested, rewound, or in completely flawless cases, but are all cleaned with pads checked)
-SALE: Mixed Bag (all genres! Super cheap!)
-SALE: '70s/'80s Smooth R&B (quiet storm,  '80s pop R&B, smooth disco-funk)
-SALE: Dad Rock (easy-to-groove-to albums on the edges of classic rock, singer-songwriter, and soft rock)

-'80s/'90s Alternative Rock (forgotten greats and big names, from every subgenre that once fit under the broad banner of alternative. Best if you like a WIDE range of alternative styles. From jangle-pop to grunge, folk-rock to industrial, power-pop to post-punk.)
-'80s/'90s Hip-Hop + Rap (a mix of lasting big-name favorites and forgotten gems from all the subgenres. Albums and cassingles)
-Reggae + Dancehall (the music of Jamaica, in many of its forms)
-Feminist Folk-Rock (the great women singer-songwriters and rockers of the nineties. Lilith Fair alumna and beyond)
-Eurodance + Rave (late '80s and '90s Eurodance, diva-house, hip-house, trance, techno. Albums and cassingles)
-Hard Rock + Metal (mostly bands that are a little harder than the standard classic rock fare, plus a bit of hair metal, glam metal, with the occasional speed metal thrown in)
-Folk (from traditional American folk to folk revival to singer-songwriter)
-Indie Tape Labels (modern underground music released on indie and cassette tape labels. Early 2000s to present day. A mix of indie rock, indie folk, punk, and experimental. Lightly used. The only non-vintage pack on this listing.)
-NEW '40s/'50s Vocalists (the great crooners and belters of the era. Orchestral pop and vocal jazz)
-NEW Nature Sounds (the relaxing sounds of the plant and animal kingdoms. Some accompanied by music, some not)
-Oddities (novelty albums, spoken word, educational and historical oddities, and outliers of all kinds)

-Prog (for those who like their songs long and complex)
-Prince and his Protégés (the Purple One plus his assorted protégés and Paisley Park collaborators)
-Zydeco + Cajun (New Orleans cultural-fusion party music)
-Music of the Andes (Andean folk traditions. From huayno to k'antu to nueva canción) 
-Film Scores (composed scores to films from all eras, mostly focusing on forgotten gems. A little kitsch, a little class)
-Music of Africa (a mix of genres from throughout the most musically innovative continent)
-Gospel-Soul (spiritually inspired rhythm and blues, doo-wop, soul, and funk)
-Latin American Music (folk, pop, and a wide array of sub-genres)
-Music of India (pop, folk, bhangra, spiritual, classical, Bollywood)
-New Age + Ambient (mostly ethereal, pulsing, dreamy, sleepy)
-Avant Garde (interestingly off-kilter, in various not-easy-to-categorize ways)
-Surf (beach-y pop, instrumentals, twangy surf-adjacents)
-Hawaiian Music (traditional and pop music of Hawaii)
-NEW Relaxation + Meditation (for all of us who need to chill out more)
-NEW Stand-Up Comedy (‘80s & ‘90s stars and cult faves. Content not vetted for political correctness!)
-Old-Time Radio Plays (Golden-Age radio dramas. Odd little time capsules. Content not vetted in full)
-Kids Music + Stories (fun and silly tapes for kids, both music and spoken word)

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