Tucker Theodore
Lady Hope
$ 5.00

Tucker Theodore's debut, To Make the Sun Hurt, established a cultish following for the reclusive Olympia songwriter and soundscape artist. On his latest, 2017's Lady Hope, he takes his sound experiments even further. A psych-folk epic, Lady Hope is a wild hour-long ride through inner darkness and personal mythology.

With appearances from Allen Karpinski (The Six Parts Seven) and Madeline Johnston (Sister Grotto, Midwife).

Released on Antiquated Future Records. Listen on Bandcamp.

"Tucker Theodore’s Lady Hope is such a profit. It resides in a monastery high on a mountain top, its caterwaul descending among the ruins of past civilizations. It cascades within the deafening rock slide that brings its wisdom down to the massive." - Tiny Mix Tapes' Cerberus

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