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Antiquated Future Records: The First Seven Years compilation $ 5.00 back

Nineteen songs from the first seven years of our label. Slightly-skewed pop, indie rock, lo-fi folk, oddball electronic, and soundscape wizardry. 

Songs from: Little Angry & The Sweets, Corespondents, Flying Circles, Guidon Bear, If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It, Reighnbeau, The Washboard Abs, Advrb, Upside Drown, Sara Renberg, Midwife, Pleasure Systems, Blindfolder, David Thomas Broughton, Appalachian Yard Art, Jordan O'Jordan, Tucker Theodore, Indira Valey, Eleanor Murray.

Design and layout by Andrew Barton at Two Plum Press. Mastered by Fred Thomas. Listen on Bandcamp.

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