Justseeds Artists' Cooperative , Eberhardt Press
SALE: 2020 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Organizer (Pocket Size) $ 7.00 back

Sale! A perennial bestseller. This collaboration between the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative and Eberhardt Press is a stunning pocket planner, unlike any other. Each month features a full-color, politically-minded spread from a different Justseeds artist and each week is cleanly laid out as a two-page spread, leaving plenty of room to write.

Plus: A gorgeous lunar phase calendar, 2020-at-a-glance, title page, table of contents, and a notes section at the back.

Artists include: Jess X. Snow, Jesse Purcell, Nicolas Lampert, Pete Railand, Lesley Yobany Mendoza, Jesus Barraza, Mary Tremonte, Fernando Martí, Shaun Slifer, Bec Young, Aaron Hughes, Mazatl, Sanya Hyland, Melanie Cervantes, and Thea Gahr.

3" x 5" (10 x 13 cm), offset print, strong spiral binding, chipboard covers.

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