Just Added

A spoken word album from Spencer Moody of Murder City Devils. With new poems from the accompanying chapbook, as well as his recent collections, Breaking Through Anti-Charisma and Lanai, plus an audio Q+A with fan-submitted questions.

Available as a cassette, a chapbook, or a cassette and chapbook. Listen on Bandcamp.

5 assorted stickers from Hannah Horovitz's Esoteric Bumper Stickers. Curious, joyous, and completely one-of-a-kind.

All 10.75" x 3", waterproof vinyl stickers.

The first four full issues of Behind the Zines: A Zine About Zines, or 164 pages and two-plus years of zine culture thoughts, essays, histories, ideas, advice, comics, and discussions.

Buy the 4-pack, save a couple bucks on the cover price and shipping costs, and get them all. 

Three new tapes from Seattle lo-fi noise-folk band Appalachian Yard Art (for only $10!). For those who love the feeling of being in someone's basement, synth guest appearances, occasional drum machines.

Within you'll find the full-length album: Frog SongsChain, and Please Throw It In The River. All released on Little Red Wagon Records.

Listen on Bandcamp.

A truly special, fuzzy, lo-fi folk-pop album that could have come out in the early '90s. I like to imagine that Lot Q will someday be a collector's item.

Listen on Bandcamp.

A rare full-band rock album from Seattle lo-fi heroes, Appalachian Yard Art. Little Ambulant Suns is the underwater '90s indie rock album of your dreams.

Listen on Bandcamp.

After a year of not traveling anywhere Billy transfers his restlessness onto the page, recounting some of his favorite places. 

12 pages, half-letter size.

A fascinating scrapbook of headlines from the pandemic. Photos, pieces of articles, charts and graphs from along the way, laid out chronologically without additional commentary. 

64 pages, quarter-size.

This New York City 2020 scrapbook gathers 35mm film photos and collages from Ben Charles Trogdon of Nuts! alongside personal stories from protesters. The pandemic, police violence, covid anxiety, and so much more.

Drawings by Sara Abruña, MC reports on the now-legendary Mott Haven protest, words from Carrie Schaff

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Food With Fam, a mutual aid organization that feeds families and individuals in need, bi-weekly, in NYC.

20 pages of full-color magazine, plus 8-page B&W insert, full magazine-size. 

The second part of Olympia comic artist and screenprinter K.J. Rollins' Bivalve Blues series. Shellfish headaches, brokedown boats, and a lot of getting rained on.

16 pages, half-letter size.