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Last one! Five short stories about leaving and five short stories about returning from Hope Amico (Keep Loving, Keep Fighting). New Orleans after the hurricane, New Hampshire, Boston, Milan.

A reversible eight-page mini zine made from one sheet of thick cardstock paper.

"Do you remember Anita Hill? I was a teenager when she testified that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her at work. He became a Supreme Court Judge anyway but it was the beginning of anti-harassment policies in the workplace. Anita Hill withstood a lot of criticism and ridicule, most of which had little or nothing to do with her testimony. Here is a reminder that her work and words are important." - Hope Amico

4.25" x 5.5" letterpressed card. Part of Gutwrench Press' Keep Writing postcard series. Printed with chocolate brown and blue inks on Grapesicle French Paper.

A character called Vanilla Fingers. Printed by Kyle Rollins in Olympia, Washington.

Available in Men's S and M.

A new patch from Portland's own Foxdye.

A patch for Phoxii, the new handle of Portland musician Amina Kirby (formerly of Foxdye).

Designed and printed by Jean Nagai in Olympia, Washington.

"The Most Beautiful Rot is a secret peek into the backyards and living rooms of young queer America. It's a testament to the act of digging through the bleakness of everyday life to find something beautiful growing underneath, something that you weren't expecting."

224 pages, trade paperback. ISBN #9780985038540

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Temporary Sale! (+ Only two copies left!) In This is the Inferno, book artist Christopher Kardambikis turns the streets and cityscapes of Los Angeles into the surface of the sun.

Full color, 8" x 12", stapled wraps, a limited edition 30 copy run.

You Can Do Anything But You Can't Do Everything. Sensibly open to possibility. Illustrated by Sophie Weiss.

4" x 5" letterpressed card. Part of Gutwrench Press' Keep Writing postcard series.

Hanging out on a floating island. No big deal.

4" x 4". Weather-proof blue ink on white vinyl sticker.

A book called Lovin' You inside a tiny house in some mountains somewhere.

4.25" 4.125". Weather-proof black ink on white vinyl sticker.