Just Added

A limited-edition reprint of the first issue of the ever-popular Radical Domesticity! A hodge-podge of tips and tricks. Chore-chart deep-dive, how to fold a fitted sheet, and more.

16 pages, half-letter size.

5 VHS tapes for only $10! Each grab bag contains a fun mix of '80s and '90s comedies, silly novelties, over-the-top action films, rom-coms, cult classics, Golden Age Hollywood blockbusters, and more.

These are all used, with boxes that range from acceptable to very good shape and all have been lightly cleaned. Tapes not play-tested, but all checked for visible issues. 

Delphine Bedient's writing is accessible and odd, heartfelt and detached, sad and hilarious. In The Last Time My Sadness Was Convenient she positions her in-between-genre writing in the form of short poems, and it's perhaps her best chapbook yet. These are love and break-up poems from the quiet moments of missing and longing, poems of being alone together and lonely alone.

68 pages, tall pocket-size, letter-pressed covers. Published by Two Plum Press.

The second edition of the ever-popular Three-Year Garden Journal, a collaboration between The Far Woods and Eberhardt Press. This multi-year journal allows you to record planting and harvesting dates, daily and seasonal observations, weather patterns, and what worked and what didn't in the garden from year to year.   

A gorgeous, spiralbound illustrated journal and just about the handiest thing a gardener could want. 

The Richard Brautigan of the Portland, Oregon poetry scene, Chris Maday writes poems that are funny, puzzling, and perfectly odd. 

82 pages, tall pocket-size, letter-pressed covers. Published by Two Plum Press.

Marked down! The 10th anniversary of the ever-excellent Famous Faces wall calendar, an annual favorite around here. (And we've had the pleasure of carrying it all ten years!) Paintings of legends from across the musical map: soul to country, garage rock to jazz, surf to folk revival, and beyond. 

2021's calendar features the famous faces of: The Platters, Gal Costa, Buck Owens, The Cramps, Sibylle Baier, Glenn Gould, The Zombies, Cab Calloway, Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou, The Thorton Sisters, Smokey Robinson, and Sylvia Robinson.

Painted by Shana "Crawdad" Cleveland, from La Luz and Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles.

Black & white, hole-punched. With major holidays, phases of the moon, and a page for notes. 7.5" x 14" when unfolded. Limited edition!

For a few short years, Colleen Johnson and Evan Hashi combined their respective powers to become Twig Palace. A playful but mighty force of the late '00s Olympia, Washington music scene, Twig Palace's songs were perfect little sonic worlds, retro-pop gems, each uniquely its own. 

In the decade since, the two members have gone on to play in countless bands—Flying Circles, Little Angry & The Sweets, Silver Shadows, The Hive Dwellers, Upside Drown, Reighnbeau, The Mumlers, Lazer Zeppelin, Will Sprott, Mega Bog, to name just a few—but their recordings as Twig Palace have largely faded from memory. 

Your Most Secret Name (Selected Songs 2008-2011) collects 16 songs from Twig Palace's brief existence. Gathered from self-released CD-R releases, long out-of-print compilations, and cassingles, the album serves as a primer to one of the best lost Olympia bands of all.

Listen on Bandcamp.

The third volume of our Selected Songs series is from former K Records artist and famously relentless tour-er Jason Anderson. What it Was and What We Wanted (Selected Songs 2005-2020) collects 14 songs from across his career--cult hits, B-sides, alternate versions--that combines his Midwestern anthemic rock songs with his emo-folk ballads and folk-punk scorchers. This collection aims to introduce a new set of listeners to Jason's music while simultaneously delighting his long-term fanbase. 

Listen on Bandcamp.

The debut album from Olympia duo The Overcasts, a collaboration between Jen Grady (of You Are Plural, Emily Jane White) and Eric Sarai. Introspective, dreamy, pulsing, a little sweet and a little off-kilter, The Overcasts nod back to the moodier side of '80s and '90s 4AD bands (This Mortal Coil, His Name is Alive) and combines it with the coziness of Olympia indie music. 

Available on cassette and CD. Cassettes are a hand-numbered edition of 50. Cover art by Diana Al-Hadid. 

Listen on Bandcamp.

Marked down + just one (in a green) left! The classic pocket-sized Slingshot Organizer, back for 2021, a staple of DIY and radical communities for nearly three decades.

In addition to making plans, you get daily bits of radical political history, drawings, a menstrual calendar, a radical contact list, police repression info, some nice extra pages for notes on life. 

176 pages, 4.25" inches x 5.5" inches, laminated covers. The funds raised in selling the organizer go to publish the radical and independent Slingshot newspaper.

Available in 18 colors! (That are going fast and we can't keep up on.) Message us if you have a general or specific color preference, otherwise it will be a surprise.