Just Added

Relatable late-night refrain.

2.75" x 2.75" vinyl sticker.

A fun guide to houseplant parenthood. Within: plant intelligence, plant propagation, botanical communication, the various benefits of plants, a Venn diagram of hardy houseplants (which are pet safe, air purifying, etc), DIY hanging planter instruction, and more. A good mix of the practical and the metaphysical.

Illustrated throughout. 20 pages, half-letter size.

In this fungi-focused zine: medicinal mushrooms, mushroom tea, mushroom hunting, psilocybin, cordyceps, the mycelial web, and a really handy and lovely center spread of common mushrooms. 

Illustrated throughout. 16 pages, half-letter size.

Sometimes you want a little nudity with your field guides—and, well, if you didn't before, you will now. Fruiting Bodies will teach you the scientific names of 20+ mushrooms, made all the more memorable by anthropomorphic fungi/naked-human hybrids. The drawings show intimately-engaged couples, solo fungi doing their own thing, and even a mycological burlesque act with plenty of mushroom-dancers. It's a little risqué, and very charming. Like the introduction says, "Fungal sexuality has seldom been represented with such sensitivity, until now."

24 pages, half-letter size.

The Death Project Manager Mortality Workbook is a unique and essential guide for an aspect of life we all have to face. This workbook helps you organize your contacts, collect your documents, reflect on your values, and create a plan in case of emergency. Whether you're doing this for yourself or a loved one, this workbook helps you articulate what your loved ones should know before you go. 

44 pages, full magazine-size, spiral-bound. Released by the Death Project Manager organization and printed with Awkward Ladies Club and Chute Studio.

A perfect little logbook for any houseplant enthusiast (or aspiring enthusiast). This solves so many of the most common issues in plant care: how each plant differs from the next, finding plant likes and dislikes, remembering their names, seeing patterns. And if that's not enough, it's handsomely risograph-printed to boot! 

68 pages, half-letter size, stapled wraps. Available with white or brown covers. Entirely giftable. 

A perfect little zine about buying a sad lemon plant on a clearance rack and entering a deep relationship with said sad lemon. Each stage of the relationship comes with a life lesson and each lesson is insightful, helpful, and sweet. ("Lesson 1: Even if you are not at your best, you still have value, and some people will see that.")

Lessons from My Lemon (Plant) is painstakingly printed at home, one color at a time, using a risograph printer, so it's not just a well-written zine but also a very limited edition work of art.

16 pages, half-letter size.

The first issue of Portland's newest and hottest literary journal, Kithe! This first outing is a joyous bundle of personal essays, poems, short stories, novel excerpts, and visual art, at a price that makes it accessible to all. Within: life as an egg, what it means to be deficient, the view from inside Van Gogh's mind, navigating a gender transition with a 100-year-old grandmother, and so much more.

Prose from Janice Lee, Gabriel Stein-Bodenheimer, Catherine Johnson, Lu Chekowsky, and Gavin Boyter. Poetry from Ryan J. Petteway, Jonathan Andrew Pérez, Mary Buchinger, and Mair Allen. And visual art from Gary Gillespie, Parisa Karami, Jen Baker, Serge Lecomte, Tamerlie J. Philippe, Cynthia Yatchman, and Britnie Walston. 

52 pages, full magazine-size.

A classic from the Moe Bowstern oeuvre, pulled from the depths. The fifth issue of Xtra Tuf, the zine for commercial fishing women, comes in pocket-sized book form and deals with going on strike—first-hand, historically, with all the traditions and realities of people-led struggles. It's real, it's raw, and sometimes it's even sweet and playful. 

192 pages, cut trade paperback, cover colors vary.

The second issue of Moe Bowstern's daily pandemic digest zine. This time capsule from the early months of the pandemic is a perfect reminder about what has and hasn't changed, the work we still have left to do.

What I love about this zine series is that Moe puzzles out the difficult questions: thinking on what it means to be in community with others, understanding how to be an activist with health limitations, figuring out how to be of service.

"I write these as a way to connect," Moe says, "to you, to myself, to the dream of a better world."

With contributions from Haya Bashir, Orla Kren Pierce, George Wilson, and Demian DinéYazhi.

44 pages, half-letter size.