Just Added

Valentines Every Day is the kind of zine I always dreamed of finding when I was a kid: funny, totally bizzare, and with no explanation whatsoever within. These collaged anytime Valentines are fun to both flip through and use. Single-sided pages make them easy to cut out and gift. 

32 pages, half-letter size.

Martha Grover's story of coming home from Rome and discovering herself ten grand in debt to the IRS. Tax Deductible Rome is travel story mixed with humorous considerations of what tax deductions look like in a life of an artist and writer. 

Illustrated by Katy Ellis O'Brien. 16 pages, half-letter size.

Small glimpses of a life lived between places. These flash memoir pieces look deeply at moments spent in lakes, kitchens, and campfires.

Accompanied by 12 of Alex’s color film photos, printed by Pine Island Press (of the great Incandescent photo journal). 

Cover colors vary. 88 pages, tall pocket-size, letter-pressed covers. Published by Two Plum Press.

A travelogue/sketch diary/comic book/treasure map from street and poster artist NXOEED. The freakiest desert gem and rock-hunting guide around.

Published by the fine folks at Fluke Fanzine. 24 pages, digest-size.

Good Night People of Earth is Moe Bowstern's daily digest zine, cataloging the months at the beginning of the pandemic. Stolen cars, giant communal grocery runs, John Prine tributes, rants worth ranting, songs to sing, COVID bingo, so much more.

Plus still relevant ideas like: "Day 12...how I visit my friends in the neighborhood, by having my co-isolationist photograph me in front of my friends' homes, and then texting a photo and saying hi and I love you. Most stalkery thing ever, and yet no complaints, more evidence of the flux that shared social understanding is currently in."

Highlight: "How to Shelter Alone as if You Live in a Group House." Priceless.

56 pages, half-letter size.

Each issue of Behind the Zines is such a joy to read and warms my heart so much. Zine lifers, independent publishers, and artists of all stripes gather together to tell stories that never otherwise get told. (Like, in this issue, Todd Taylor of Razorcake's journey into a warehouse postal audit with rejected snake meat and live chickens.)

This issue's highlight: an essay from our own Gina Sarti about the ten-year anniversary of her ridiculously popular zine Shit's Fucked: A Positivity Guide. It's the rare story of making tons of lovely connections by way of a small zine that randomly went viral on Reddit a decade ago and never stopped.

Close-second highlight: Jonathan Valelly's deep-dive into the Broken Pencil Zine Awards—a massive, wonderful operation (that old-school zinesters love to hate on).

There's also: zine tattoos, first-time zinesters, postal bliss, experimental hip-hop collective zines, the pandemic zine fest scene, the most unwanted zine, anarchist zine printing, retro zine reviews, and an interview with Jolie Ruin (of The Escapist Artist).

32 pages, half-letter size. 


Mothballs at Grandma's house, lots of great cat and dog comics, the illustrated monarch butterfly lifecycle, shrews through history, letters to the editors from Megan Kelso and more, a Top 40, and so many interesting surprises.

40 pages, half-letter size.

Marked down from $20! A cool, oddball 2021 wall calendar from Ben Charles Trogdon (of Nuts and Tattoo Punk fame). Using his street art and candid 35mm photos and the wild full-color cut-and-paste style of his zines and magazines, this is unlike basically any other calendar you can buy. 

Full-color, hole-punched. With major holidays. 8" x 14" when unfolded. 

Marked down! An adored annual favorite here (and with good reason). This gorgeous print/poster-style calendar shows the lunar phases among night-blooming flowers (Queen of the Night, Nicotiana, Moon Flower, Four O'Clocks, and Angel's Trumpet) and makes any room a better place to be. 

Designed and illustrated by Nina and Sonya Montenegro of The Far Woods. Moon phases and dates of new, first quarter, full, and third quarter are depicted for each month and calibrated for the Northern Hemisphere. 

11" x 17", offset lithograph, metallic gold ink on 80# white linen cover stock. Printed by Eberhardt Press in Portland, Oregon.

In this issue, Emma reminds us that "taking care of yourself can take many forms." Within: giving yourself a manicure at home, tips on saving money and budgeting, having an emergency plan and first-aid basics, as well as how to care for cut flowers.

20 pages, half-letter size.