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Lewiston by the Sea is the fifth solo album from cultish noise-folk and post-rock weirdo Tucker Theodore. Originating from skeleton recordings made at the start of the pandemic—holed up in an apartment above a bottle exchange center, with just a cheap synth and a guitar—the album evolved through long-distance collaborations over the past year into a sprawling epic. 

With vocal contributions from Madeline Johnston of Midwife, Colleen Johnson of Flying Circles, and Jeff Shannon of If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It, among others, the album's 14 songs push and pull between narrators and tones, lyric-driven pieces and instrumentals, each song different than the last. Tracked and mixed between long days working his family farm, this is Tucker Theodore's biggest, wildest, and most multi-layered effort yet.

Released on Antiquated Future Records. The first printing on white cassettes, with 5-panel J-Cards designed by photographer Anthony Rigano. Listen on Bandcamp.

Songwriter and poet Sara Renberg begins her zine series looking at the often-maligned solo career of former Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus. Focusing on his 2001 solo debut (before officially becoming Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks), she takes us on a joyous song-by-song investigation of why people hate it and how much there is to love. It's a fun read, even if you don't know the album. Along the way, there's the end of Pavement, the making of Silver Jews' American Water, and life in Portland, Oregon.

The zine is also a personal journey of a rural kid in the big city, discovering indie music, coming out, and dating girls for the first time (all to the soundtrack of this album).

32 pages, half-letter size.

Created by Charles at Eberhardt Press as a way to keep track of and look for patterns within his own seizures, the My Seizure Diary notebook is a great tool for anyone suffering from seizures. With a beautiful design and a simple layout, the notebook is an easy way to jot down notes and observe potential triggers.

75 pages, 8.5" × 5.5". Offset-printed using reused and recycled materials.

Feeling it.

10.75" x 3", waterproof vinyl sticker.

Strike a pose.

10.75" x 3", waterproof vinyl sticker.

Lined up and ready for action.

10.75" x 3", waterproof vinyl sticker.

All your coolest friends, together at last. 

10.75" x 3", waterproof vinyl sticker.

Whale advice.

10.75" x 3", waterproof vinyl sticker.

Whether writing folk songs or punk songs, Erica Freas' songs reach out a hand. They're inviting, accessible, wise. With a cast of Olympia all-stars on board, Patient Ones is a record to be played again and again.

Available on LP and CD. Released on Don Giovanni Records. Listen on Bandcamp.

Erica Freas' latest, Young, is made up of 12 well-worked folk songs about being a human on earth. It's an album that feels like being transported to the room where it was recorded. Intimate, sweet, alive.

Available on LP and CD. Released on Specialist Subject Records. Listen on Bandcamp.