Just Added

"Adjacent to the void but not really staring into it at the moment."

11" x 3", waterproof vinyl sticker.

There are other moons out there.

11" x 3", waterproof vinyl sticker.

This compilation zine seeks to "usher skin conditions into the greater body acceptance conversation." Within, a dozen writers and artists discuss and represent their trials with their skin and a world that wants to comment on, advise, and critique.

As editor Alyssa Giannini writes, "Well-meaning people who have never dealt with chronic skin conditions look upon a poor complexion as a personal failure." Problem Skin Zine seeks to change to that.

28 pages, half-letter size.

How to Support Your Non-Binary Family Member is a welcoming and accessible guide to navigating a non-binary gender transition with a family member, friend, or loved one. The zine is split into three sections: Processing, Understanding, and Support. It addresses particular situations (parents of adults, parents of teens, siblings and extended family, etc), answers some common questions (the differences between orientation, sex, and gender; what is non-binary gender?, etc), and suggests straightforward ways you can offer support.

While geared towards parents, this zine is useful for anyone who desires to gain a better understanding of how they can support their non-binary loved ones. 

52 pages, half-letter size.

Written and assembled during the pandemic as a way to remember how intimate and celebratory live, small-scale, do-it-yourself shows can be, Best Show Ever brings together nearly 20 voices and distinct experiences. Scenes from all over the U.S., basements and yards and art spaces, makeshift stages, day-long festivals, shows from the 1990s, shows from just before things shut down. All collected here.

As it says on the first page: "This zine is a love letter to the basements and community spaces that felt like home. The songs that lived on mix tapes and CDs in our headphones and in our hearts, right up until the moment we got to yell the words in person, with a bunch of smiling strangers. This zine is dedicated to the bands and crowds that made us feel less alone. a nod to some of the best nights of our lives. This zine is for you."

With words from: Marigold, Colleen Fitzgerald, Jonquil Moore, Diego Romero-Aros, Julia Koschler, Toria Muñoz, Jackie Snyder, Ian Vanek, Peyton Kuzel, Shannon, Dakota Floyd, Joshua Hoey, Johnny Gainer, Shannon Bodrogi, Chris, Dandy Decipher, Dylan Gregor, Alyssa Giannini, and Rachel Jackson.

32 pages, half-letter size.

Sweet sleep.

2.75" x 2.75" vinyl sticker.

Milk carton cats.

2.13" x 2.75" vinyl sticker.

Adventure cat chilling out at the end of a long day.

3.5" x 3.5" vinyl sticker.

Everyone's favorite summer treat.

2.75" x 2.25" vinyl sticker.

We appreciate your business.

2.75" x 2.75" vinyl sticker.