Joshua James Amberson
Staring Contest: Essays About Eyes
$ 15.00

The first full-length essay collection from Antiquated Future's own Joshua James Amberson, Staring Contest is about the various ways humans use and relate to their eyes.

From the publisher: "As a child, Joshua James Amberson was diagnosed with pseudoxanthoma elasticum, a rare genetic condition that may eventually lead to sightlessness. 'In my own mild way,' his book opens, 'I like to obsess,' and what follows is a relentlessly curious series of detours through oft-ignored aspects of vision and vision loss. Deftly weaving together such disparate subjects as Bette Davis’s career, the daily challenges of eye contact, and his own decade-long saga of periodic eye injections, Amberson digs deeply into the physical and existential consequences of living with such uncertainty. Staring Contest is wise, generous, and—given the subject matter—surprisingly funny."

224 pages, trade paperback. ISBN #9781960200006. Released on Perfect Day Publishing. 

Available as a sliding scale ebook over here. Audiobook coming soon. 

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