Jason Martin
Life Lines: Comics by Jason Martin
$ 16.00

The comics of Jason Martin are so tender, so sweet—wide-eyed without ignoring all of life's difficult moments and injustices. Life Lines collects work published over the past 15+ years in zines and comics anthologies. Something about their accumulation, all their small moments one after another, makes me feel joyous. It makes me want to experience the world fully, to go through life with an open heart. 

192 pages, large trade paperback. Cover coloring by Kane Lynch.

"No one captures the wistful passing beauty of small moments like Jason Martin. He is truly one of the great writers of tender and heartfelt comics working today. We are lucky to have him." - Summer Pierre, author of All the Sad Songs and Paper Pencil Life

"A new zine from him is like a little jewel, and a whole paperback book like this is a treasure trove. He manages to find the profound in the quotidian, and secret blessings in the mundane day-to-day, and that's a real gift for both him and his readers." - Rob Kirby, author of Marry Me a Little

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