Claude McKay
Harlem Shadows
$ 10.00

A reprint of this lost collection of poetry by acclaimed-but-underappreciated Harlem Renaissance novelist Claude McKay (Home to HarlemRomance In Marseille).

"No engines shrieking rescue storm the night, / And hose and hydrant cannot here avail; / The flames laugh high and fling their challenging light, / And clouds turn gray and black from silver-pale. / The fire leaps out and licks the ancient walls, / And the big building bends and twists and groans." -excerpt from "The Night Fire"

Part of Two Plum Press' "20s / 20s" series, which features work originally published in the 1920s, newly available in the public domain, reprinted in the 2020s.

80 pages, tall pocket-size, letter-pressed covers. 100% of proceeds to the Black Resilience Fund and the Portland chapter of the NAACP.

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