Ayun Halliday
Creative, Not Famous: The Small Potato Manifesto
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The joyful wisdom of Ayun Halliday (The East Village Inky) is on full display in her new book, Creative, Not Famous: The Small Potato Manifesto. For anyone who needs a reminder of how to define success on your own terms. The perfect book for anyone living a life in art. 

"Few artists achieve fame and fortune, but that doesn't mean your creative life can't flourish. Writer, illustrator, zinemaker, and playwright Ayun Halliday interviewed dozens of creative people and shared her own experiences to produce this rallying cry for the 'small potato'—someone whose focus is making cool, meaningful work and living a creative life rather than achieving wealth or celebrity. Sections range from the practice of artmaking to wrangling self-doubt to DIY marketing and self-promotion. Along the way, Halliday shows that your art can bring you satisfaction, success, community, and a modest income—without losing sight of your reasons for doing it in the first place."

With interviews and advice from: Akin Salawu, Anthony Wills Jr, Ben Snakepit, Bob Laine, Christine Schisano, Connie Fu, Delaine Derry Green, Drew Ackerman, Edward Thomas-Herrera, Ellia Bisker, Emmy Bean, Greg Kotis, Heather Riordan, J.T. Yost, J. Gonzalez-Blitz, Karen Christopher, Liz Mason, Lorijo Manley, Maria Camia, MariNaomi, Meghan Finn, Mimi Pond, Moe Bowstern, Nick Balaban, R. Sikoryak, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Rob Ackerman, Sabrina Chap, Shelton Lindsay, Stephanie Summerville, Steven Svymbersky, Todd Alcott, Trav S.D., and Winter Miller.

255 pages, cool fun paperback size. Published by Microcosm. ISBN #9781648410598. 

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