Brianna Wheeler
Altogether Different
$ 17.00

In Altogether Different: A Memoir About Identity, Inheritance, and the Raid That Started the Civil War, Portland writer and podcaster Brianna Wheeler effortlessly weaves family memoir, deep historical research, and playful illustrations into a truly one-of-a-kind reading journey.

From the publisher: "As a child, Brianna Wheeler, the mixed-race descendant of Dangerfield Newby—first of John Brown's raiders to die at Harpers Ferry in their bid to end slavery—unconsciously chose whiteness, unaware that she had the choice at all. As an adult, following the deaths of her mother and grandmother, Brianna struggled with her own identity, convinced that her lasting legacy would be the rejection of her own Blackness. Then, in 2020, a racial reckoning rekindled her connection to both her heritage and her grandmother's lifelong work of preserving the stories of Dangerfield and the rest of her ancestors, leading Brianna to confront both long-held family dynamics and her own place in history—from a new perspective."

214 pages, trade paperback. Released by Portland's Korza Books.

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