Set between the public outdoor pools of the UK and the mountain lakes of the Pacific Northwest, Body of Water is a brilliant series of essays about swimming by Alexis Wolf. Whether she's plunging into frigid water on her wedding day or considering ecological collapse while swimming through wildfire smoke, creating her own mikvah or dealing with chronic illness, Wolf's journey in Body of Water makes you appreciate all the beauty and difficulty of being in a human body on earth. 

84 pages, tall pocket-size, letter-pressed covers. Published by Two Plum Press.

Martha Grover's observations about life on earth are one-of-a-kind. In The End of My Career, the latest essay collection from the long-running Somnambulist zine author, her eye has never been more honed. It's a book about moving back in with her parents, finding work with a chronic illness, and living as a woman in a changing city. It will make you laugh while feeling the ever-present weight of the world. Highly recommended.

240 pages, trade paperback. ISBN #9780983632757. Published by Portland's Perfect Day Publishing. Nominated for the 2017 Oregon Book Award.

“Eight years in the making, One More for the People is the first collection of Martha Grover's zine Somnambulist. Playful, wry, and conversational, One More for the People chronicles three generations in the life of the Grover family. As these idiosyncratic characters reluctantly confront adulthood, one Grover is always there to take notes. But after she's diagnosed with a rare and potentially fatal disease...One More for the People becomes something unexpected: a survival guide.”

"Martha Grover is a genius. Her story is unique, but as I read Grover, some part of me always feels that this is everybodys autobiography. This is what it means to fiercely love a changing self."-  Ariel Gore, author of Bluebird and Atlas of the Human Heart.

Trade paperback, 225 pages, hand-screenprinted covers. ISBN # 9780983632719

Pre-order! Out November 2, 2021. The latest book from Portland mainstay and Antiquated Future favorite, Martha Grover, author or The End of My Career (Perfect Day Publishing) and the long-running (20+ years!) Somnambulist zine series.

Sorry I Was Gone by Martha Grover is an illustrated lyric memoir that maps the narratives and myths of womanhood, chronic illness, and reality-TV depictions of The American Dream. Through short, incisive pieces, Grover hangs diet culture, classism, and ableism out to dry. Original illustrations visually traverse the lyric, the myth, the joke, the medical pro/con list, and the survival kit with Grover’s signature folk flair. Sorry I Was Gone exposes to absurdity the arbitrary metrics by which we judge our lives.

80 pages, trade paperback, full-color. ISBN 978-0-578-88096-9

 “Always engaged with the world and incisive, Grover’s latest must-have collection continues to explore the personal in ways that are universal, passionate, and urgent.” - Jeff Vandermeer, New York Times bestselling author of Annihilation

Sorry I Was Gone is astonishing. I’ve said in the past that Martha Grover is my favorite living writer. Well, take that same statement and double it.” - Bud Smith, author of Double Bird

“A new book from Martha Grover is like a treat waiting to be devoured. Her natural, idiosyncratic storyteller’s voice is deceptively casual, but her insights linger in the imagination forever. She should be famous.” - Emily Gould, author of Perfect Tunes and Friendship

“The table of contents alone in this exceptional collection is everything I ever want in a book. Whether she’s observing bad tv, personality tests, dogs, gods, pain or painkillers, Martha Grover wields precision and humor to communicate what it means to live and try not to die. This is the transcendent prose of a writer raucously surviving.” - Amy Kurzweil, author of Flying Couch: A Graphic Memoir