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Ariel Birks

The ever-amazing Ariel Birks (Jesus Christ Superzine) returns with her first poetry book in years (Red Square Desire, anyone?). Gentle In Carnations could be seen as a book of love poems, or sex poems, but is also so much more. An exploration of the pain of being in love and having sex, yes, but even more still. A look at how our consumerist culture exploits our desires...[ continued ]

The first issue of Ariel Birks’ fabulous zine is a 48-page exploration of her former life as an evangelical teen. Instructions on how to play Christian, explaining the 'gos-pill', kissing and relationships (or the lack thereof), Christian music, Jesus camp and more.

Nominated for 2009 Zine of the Year by the Utne Reader! 48 Pages, half-letter size. Revised second edition.

[ continued ]

The follow-up issue to Ariel Birks’ award-nominated zine is fantastic. This follows out the story of her figuring out that the whole Evangelical thing was not for her.

Within: mysterious traditions; LSD’s connection to the metaphysical aspects of Christianity; Simon and Garfunkel as a path away from God; the religious conflicts of a sexually promiscuous imagination; a glossary of terms; a miniature epilogue; and a fantastic interview with New York-based artist Nathan Vincent on his experiences with Christianity and coming out as gay to his pastor father and church-organizing mother...[ continued ]

A plethora of small moments. Singing in the streets, reverse Mother's Day cards, pine-cone determination, and much more. From the author of the ever-popular Jesus Christ Superzine.

40 pages, quarter-size.

[ continued ]

From playful to heartbreaking, practical to sexy, the micro moments in the second volume of Today Was Unlike Any Other Day are consistently surprising. They catch you off guard and leave you wanting more.

32 pages, quarter-size.

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